Kathleen Jenks, from Pacifica Graduate Institute, created this incredibly beautiful and content rich page on         mythology, folklore, sacred arts, etc.  A quantum leap above all the rest.

The Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida
I am always thrilled to link to a Jung Center that recognizes the value of astrology as a symbolic language.

Stephanie Pope's page

Myth & Culture
Maggie Macary's page

The Dream Tree
Very nice site

Parabola magazine

Explore Jungian Psychology: Michael Daniel's page.  Great resources.

The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology of Argentina (in English)

Myths and Legends

Spring Publications

C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

PSYCHE: an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness

Labyrinth Home Page

Dream Analysis.Info
Dreams, symbolism, and Jungian psychology